Sunday, October 21, 2007

Don't break any bones if you live in Hull because....

What started out as a potentially excellent and enjoyable weekend is quickly becoming a bit of a disappointment, I had my football team 'Hull City AFC' playing on the Saturday afternoon, England in the Rugby world cup final on the evening and Lewis Hamilton potentially picking up his first world Formula 1 title in his rookie season on the Sunday teatime, as it stands both Hull City and England have lost so I hope the same fate does not befall Lewis today or that would be a total washout of a weekend!

Onto some good sister has passed all her Nursing exams at university and is now a qualified Nurse, so she will be able to start her job in the Fracture clinic at Hull Royal Infirmary once she gets her "pin number" making the last 3 years at university worthwhile. It seems like only yesterday that she was working alongside me in a Laboratory at the pharmaceuticals company were I work, unfortunately she did not have the best of times there due to some unsavory characters and so she decided a career change was in order and subsequently pursued nursing.
She doesn't know it yet but I got her a little present, as she seems to collect perfumes, I have got her the new Christina Aguilera fragrance and a card and CD, my brother has got her something as did my parents, so she should be pleased!

Had another practice yesterday, not a great one, as our drummer Garry is on holiday in Spain with his family, we decided to have a relaxed jam session in my friends garage.....unfortunately is was very cold outside and my fingers were a bit numb causing problems whilst trying to play the bass, my fingers just wouldn't work!

I took the above picture last night whilst watching the Rugby, I turned around to see our dog Layla sitting on my computer chair staring at me as shown, she seems to really enjoy it when I shine a torch beam onto the floor for her to chase and this is her way of asking me to do it!


Nessa said...

Your dog picture is cute. The green tint makes it look like a velvet painting. My dog went wacko yesterday trying to chomp a fly out of the air.

gincoleaves said...

My congratulations to your sister, I hope she will enjoy every minute of her nursing career - and her prezzies!!!
Your dog looks absolutely majestic posing on that chair, I am pleased to hear that other dogs (such as Rottweilers) also enjoy "chasing shadows" LOL! Was convinced my West Highlander has a serious problem LOL!!!

m said...

aw. that is so cool that you and the dog can understand each other! my cats like the flashlight trick. i will have to try it on my dog.

Bazza & Wifey said...

Fast forward Kev, yeah Lewis Hamilton lost, but the mighty Tigers more than made amends on Monday night. Bring on the blades!