Tuesday, February 10, 2009

25 Things about me

1. I don’t like going to café’s, sandwich bars, fast food counters or anywhere where the menu is on the wall behind the counter, because my poor eyesight means I can’t see what they have to offer and I don’t want to make a tit of myself when the person asks what I would like to eat.

2. The first album I ever bought was ‘Jagged Little Pill’ by Alanis Morissette, I still love this album to this day and play it regularly.

3. When I was at school I used to tell people I hated Rugby and sport in general, and would never get involved in PE, but I secretly played for a local Rugby team outside school. I still haven’t got a clue why I did this?

4. The only material thing I want in life, is my own home.

5. My secret ambition in life would be to star in a cult comedy series.

6. I hate people that borrow things from me long term because they heard 'I want them back as soon as possible' as 'please keep them forever'. Hey I paid £10-15 for that CD/DVD so yeah I want it back. I want my guitar tab books back, what I lent you, so you could learn a particular song and never gave back.

7. I once had a den and tree house on a huge roundabout which we called “The Island” I miss my childhood.

8. I grew up on the largest council estate in Europe (called ‘projects’ in the US I think).

9. I have a phobia of going into the sea. Ever since I saw Jaws as a kid I have had a fear of the sea, not just for getting attacked by sharks or giant squid or whatever, but mostly because you don’t know what is beneath you.

10. I miss every dog I ever owned and look forward to meeting all of them again on whatever plane exists outside of this one.

11. Although I respect anyone who joins up to fight for their country, I wonder were they find the motivation, when they are fighting for someone else’s big salary, pension and big city bonus, I couldn’t do it.

12. The first gig I went to (not including local bands) was Peter Green’s Splinter Group

13. My favorite meal in the whole wide world is Sausages, mash potato and onion gravy, followed closely by Mash potato, beans and Steak and Ale Pie, followed closely by Madras Curry.

14. I own a Fender Stratocaster and her name is Mary Jane.

15. My top five favorite movies ever are (1)Aliens (2)Predator (3)Ghostbusters (4)High Fidelity (5) Shaun of the Dead

16. I dislike ambitious people and find them very disturbing.

17. My favorite song ever is ‘Heard It Through The Grapevine’ by Marvin Gaye.

18. I think that ice hockey is the greatest team sport ever invented. I would follow/support it if I lived in the US.

19. I was once banned from the local ice arena for 9 months, for fighting with fairground Gypsies.

20. I will always feel guilty because I once had a fight with my younger brother and broke his hand, meaning he could no longer play his drum kit, because his hand starts to cramp and ache.

21. I was very shy when I was younger (still am to some extent) but I have always pushed myself into situations which force me to conquer my shyness, I nearly pushed myself too far once when I joined a band as lead guitarist, and almost fainted after playing the first song, when everyone started clapping I suddenly felt very self-aware.

22. I have hated almost every moment of being employed by other people, but on the flipside, I have met some brilliant people and made some good friends through my employment.

23. I will be 31 on 2nd March and still don’t know what I want to do in life, I just keep drifting through life with little care and attention, but every now and again I have a little panic and wonder where I will find a woman who I will settle down with and have children, then on another day I ask myself, am I really bothered?

24. I hate greedy and ruthless people who seem to need more then most people and will stop at nothing to attain it. True capitalists! Oh yeah, and twisted people who only seem to feel happy when they are dropping you in the shit or trying to make you feel unhappy.

25. The first movie I ever went to see at the cinema was ‘Return of the Jedi’ with my uncle Tom. The first movie I ever went to see on my own with friends was ‘Home Alone’.


TardisGirl said...
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Nessa said...

It's always fun learning these little things about people.

Fendertele said...

Some interesting shit on here kev. I aint wrote anything for a bit on my blog but thats because I have been formulating a plan to get elected to council next year. A video will be needed at some point so fear not. For the mean time I have found a campaign called "The campaign for a new workers party" which I am hoping to run for councillor with. They have various youtube vids with good socialist speakers, including Mark Steel (one of my fav coloumnists in the Independant) andI feel they represent what I think and what I think you think too. Reject the BNP kev coz the fight is not about immigration, colour, religion or sexuality, it's about class, and all people need to unite under the working class banner. Thats the only way it will ever work.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qq2Lj1uHedY Dont forget to watch part 2

Find out when your next councillor is up for re-election kev and go against him/her. I will help in what ever way I can, including leafleting and knocking omn doors.

Fendertele said...


Fendertele said...

I must agree with points 15,16 and 24. As for point 23, I must say that knowing what to do in life is overrated and that any one who places expectations upon your shoulders are simply unaware of the fact, that we are living beings, and possibly, the only intelligent self aware living beings in the vast universe as we know it. Who the hell can say what we "should be doing?". ////

Never bow to those that prolcaim that they know the purpose, reason or meaning of life.It is only you that can shape the outcome of your existance. That outcome can only ever be the result of your ambition, purpose or indiffernce of action. No end result is right or wrong, all that can be said is that it is different. Whatever you do now will never be talked aboutm laughed about or ridiculed in 70 years.

Do what you want and be proud. Never listen to the fuckwits that would try and put you down.

Fendertele said...

p.s How the fuck can anyone get a degree in office admin? Thats the U.S I supPose.

Bazza said...

If Jagged Little Pill was your first album, you must be around 20 years younger than me!

Anonymous said...


Mark steel socialist comedian. Well worth the watch part 1,2 and 3 if you have time.


Anonymous said...

If you get chance, google mark steel you tube and watch some of his lectures. Very good.


W. J. St. Christopher said...

I'm late to this party, but Happy Birthday, Kev!

It'd be freaky if I told you how much of this list we have in common -- and how much we don't.

Love reading these.

Hope your barbershop quartet is coming along -- though you look more like a bunch of tough boys from Juvenile Hall. ;-)

(M)ary said...

All good stuff...

I guess I missed your birthday. Happy Belated Birthday!!