Monday, February 02, 2009

A bit of snow!

This was the scene at 5:45am in Hull city center, as I spent 35 minutes walking to work this morning. A bit of snow and the country falls to pieces, with lots of people not making it into work all over the country today......tut tut!

Feeling happy over the past few days as I can now make/record music again. It is almost exactly a year since I last recorded an album due to various issues, but now I'm good to go, the only thing is that the ends of my fingers have gone soft, so I quickly get sore fingers when playing my guitar. I reckon it'll take a few weeks before I'm back up to a reasonable standard, and my fingers stop feeling sluggish.

Driving test on Wednesday morning, starting to feel a little apprehensive, although it could be canceled if the "extreme" weather does get any worse! That would be annoying because I'm well and truly fed up of walking to work in the freezing cold every morning!


¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Hehe, yep, it would probably take me a couple of days to walk into work, even if the conditions were good! ;)

TardisGirl said...

Nice to know other people are experiencing the "joys" of winter too!

You'll do fine on your driving test. If they let me drive, they'll let alone on the roads! :)

Anonymous said...

kev fuck the driving test, we need to go and take some pics with the strikers at L.O.R. It'll take 25 mins to drive and I'll cover bridge and petrol costs. This could be a turning point in the socialist struggle. Just imagine if your black and white edited pics are in a book in 100 years time charting the timeline of economic reform.