Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Rubbish Eyesight And A Lack Of Protestors

A shot of the Humber bridge from the south bank, taken from the window of the car on the return journey.

What I think is an interesting looking part of the oil refinery.

Local and national news teams report on the workers strike.

Today was my driving test, I had a 1.5 hour driving lesson before hand and afterwards my instructor said he thought I would easily pass my test (providing I could get through the eyesight part) going on my standard of driving over those last 2 or 3 lessons.
Unfortunately I didn't get through the eyesight part of the test and was not able to read a number plate from 20.5m, getting 2 of the 7 digits wrong. So I didn't even get to drive the examiner about so he could asses my standard of driving. As a result I am not legally allowed to drive a car at all and can no longer take lessons.
I hope I can go back to my optician and squeeze a little bit more from my prescription but know this is unlikely as my problem isn't one that can be corrected with specs or any form of surgery. I have a genetic eye disorder called 'X-Linked Retina Schisis' which is a desease of the nerve tissue in the eye. It effects the retinal cells in the macular (the central fixation point of vision in the back of the eye, and is also the area responsable for fine detail) but I had to give driving a go or I would never have known if my eyes were good enough! Anyway I personally curse the DVLA/DSA to a thousand years of bad breath and vow to give them all a Chinese burn!

This afternoon my friend Rob and I decided to take a drive over to the other side of the Humber bridge into north Lincolnshire to mingle with the Lindsey Oil Refinery protestors.
Workers had been angry a sub-contractor was "excluding" british workers in the way it was importing a ready made workforce from Europe. This sparked a number of similar protests around the country over the last week!
Unfortunately the protestors were nowhere to be seen, as they had gone to a meeting to discuss a possible end to the protests and therefore scuppered my chance to get some gritty monochrome photo's of the workers protesting with their placards!
Rob was also interested in talking with the protestors and gaining their views on the matters!


Harmony said...

Oh dear, but that minor problem won't be a hassle to your driving, what's so strict with them.

Harmony said...

It's those with good eyesight that got their cars crashed all the time.

JJ said...

So sorry to hear about your eyes an' all. But at least you had a go. The sod who nearly killed 20 odd years ago had bottle tops for spec lenses. He shouldn't have been allowed on t'road.

Nessa said...

Great of you to make the attempt and the instructor thought you were a good driver.

The photo of the refinery makes me think of a hamster habitat.

Anonymous said...

Looks like those Thatherite, rightwing, capitalist hipocrites have done a deal Kev. No photo opportunities.

Anyway I reckon public service workers will strike in the Spring so plenty of opportunity there.


Anonymous said...

That sucks about the driving. If it makes you feel better, I don't think I could pass that eye test either. But here in America they will let anyone drive.

Fendertele said...

Why is everyone going on about the fuckin driving????!?!!!


Working class people united on the picket lines and got a better deal for themselves!!!