Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Very Morich Shopping Experience

Have you ever walked past one of those foreign food stores and wondered what kind of stuff they sell? I decided yesterday to pop into one of these places, a local shop called 'Indian Continental Stores' whilst walking back home from the city center.

As I entered the store it was like stepping into a store in downtown Bangladesh, with shelves choc full with odd looking labels in foreign languages and jars and packets containing their curious contents. (I would have taken photo's inside but the owner seemed a bit suspicious of a pretty fly white guy walking around his store as it was and if I had been taking pictures the little Indian fellow could have thought I was casing the joint!)

There was so much information for my eyes to take in, 25Kg sacks of various rices and spices, pickles, powders, fruit, veg, etc. I meandered along the shelves until my eyes settled upon a small jar of 'Mr Naga's Hot Pepper Pickle'.
I immediately picked up the jar to read the ingredients (luckily they were listed in English as well as it's native language) and found it was made up of 70% Naga Morich Chilli's (one of the worlds hottest chilli's) and decided right then that I needed this little jar in our cupboard back home. I then waited in line with a few other Indian folk, paid for my Spicy delight and trotted off home to try it. It's good stuff and really quite hot (although still not a match for Dave's Special Reserve Insanity Sauce) now I just need to cook a few dishes I can add it to!

Speaking of Chilli's, there has still been no sign of growth from my seeds and have taken Fink's advice and put them in a large plastic bag (with a few air holes) to retain warmth and moisture! Hopefully we'll get some positive growth action ehh!!!


Nessa said...

Although peppers and chilis are so pretty growing, I can't take hot stuff.

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¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Germination can take six weeks, and we are only now getting the sort of light and heat they will need to get started...if nothing happens go and buy a propagator and some nice, fresh compost, pre-soak some of the seeds and pop them about 3 cm apart, lightly covered with compost (just a sprinkle), don't over water, the propagator will make it's own little eco system and recycle the moisture over and over during the night and day cycle...when they get to about 2 inches tall transfer them to plugs... ;)