Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I walk/cycle over this bridge which crosses the river Hull every morning on the way to work, and thought I would take a photo of it.


Chana said...

well thank you for it is nice. it is kinda cool to see it like that too..i don't know how you got it to show up like that.

say hi to the puppies and mom..

gincoleaves said...

That looks like a Mega Huge bridge, and, I still don't know how you get your pics like that, Haahaha!!

My World said...

I like this to Kevin..... You enhanced it... I like the way you did it

Enjoy your weekend.....

My World... :)

Johnny Jazz said...

Kev, nicely photoshopped. By way of the challenge try and take some more piccies to emphasise the 'metalwork'.

deidre - give me your kidney said...

I like bridges I do.

They have the ability to bridge 2 points - hence their name.

Making them look crazy is something to watch, but not on my watch.

Dr. John said "ahhhhhhhhhhh"