Saturday, September 09, 2006


Last night I went for a Thai meal in the city centre, the occasion was Pauls (pictured) leaving do, there is only one word which describes Paul, and that is smug! He is leaving the company to go back to university, to get his PhD. Dispite his overwhelming smugness, I will miss working with Paul, we had some good laughs....he is a good egg! I will try to get the movie of us doing office chair curling on here, sadly it never made it to the olympics and neither did any of the other games we played when we should have been working.

The puppies have opened their eyes and have started learning to walk which means when Mia walks across the room for a rest from feeding, they all get up and follow her as they can now see where she is.


gincoleaves said...

Yes Kevin, once in a while we find a "good ol' chum" and then they up and leave!!!

Those babies are soo chubby and gorgeous now!!

Looking 4ward to that movie! :)

Johnny Jazz said...

Actually, looking at the image of 'smugcock' he doesn't look smug, far from it. A boy lost perhaps?

Anyroad, I'm annoyed I couldn't attend due to mobility problems, haven't met 'mission control' which is a prime reason I wanted to go, other than to give Paul a ruddy good send off.

Sad day indeed when students get paid more than people who do stuff in the real world.

Kevin G Brown said...

Very true John, and "mission control" was in attendance, sorry you didn't make it, it always makes for an enjoyable evening when the Jazzster is in attendance.

Katt said...

Aaaah, office chair curling. I've done office chair rowing.

It's crummy when an office chum leaves. There is always a gap after that.

Chana said...

good luck to your friend. i hope he is successful but sounds like he would think so anyways, ;p ...

the puppies are so darn beautiful...i am so glad that they are growing healthy..have you named them yet?