Monday, July 18, 2011

Hangovers and a Race for Life

Well the weekend is over! It started with a visit to our friends Mark and Sarah on Friday evening for Sarahs birthday. It was a good and enjoyable night but Fruitfingers and I, along with most of the other people there, got very drunk and therefore we paid for it on the saturday with a massive hangover.
On the Saturday we had a visit from my brother and father but other then that, it was a wasted and un-eventful day of sitting on the couch watching episodes of 'The IT Crowd' and a couple of films.

Sunday was slightly more eventful, we got up at a reasonable time and got a lift to the Costello athletics stadium so Fruitfingers could take part in the 'Race for Life' and although she was still recovering from a foot' injury, she was in better shape then last year when she had to do it with a rather large hangover.
This year our friend Sarah was taking part with friends and family as part of "Team Justice" and it was more fun then last year, having more people to talk to during the race build up and Mark was there which was good, having some one to hang out with during the race, compared to last year when I was stood on my own for 40 minutes!
I have to say it was a little annoying though, last year when Fruitfingers ran it, some people in attendance at this years race sponsored her but never actually gave her the money, but since then a relative of theirs has had cancer and luckily come through it OK. But because it had hit a little closer to home, it was suddenly more important to them to raise money for such a cause, when Fruitfingers has been doing this for a number of years and they wern't interested!

We also registered for 'Shine' last night, Shine is a charity based event for Cancer Research UK in which we are going to walk a marathon (26 miles) through the night, on the streets of London, and after paying £50 to travel down there and to participate and to lose a full nights sleep, I hope we can raise a couple of hundred pounds for such a worthy cause! Our sponsorship page can be found at

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