Monday, November 05, 2007


Last night I walked the 5 minutes into the town center to watch the city's annual fireworks display, I took a bit of footage on my mobile phone so you can get a taste of it! I wish I had the new camera that I will be buying myself (next payday) with me, I am getting the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ18. I have been looking for a "pro-sumer" camera for a while, but quite frankly the ones on offer were a bit ugly! I have missed not taking photo's as much as I used to with my old point and shoot Canon Ixus, but now the time is right for an upgrade in class of camera, I'm not quite ready for/not in need of and nor can I afford the cost of lenses for a proper DSLR but would like a bit more control over my pictures then that of a point and'll also have an 18X optical zoom (35mm Equiv.: 28-504mm) which should be fun to use, I have not seen one bad review of this camera.

Yesterday I went to the gym and attended one of the fitness classes, it's the first time I have been brave enough to attend such a class and show how un-flexible and generally unfit I am in front of what is essentially a 95% female class! It was a yoga-ish type of class which aimed at stretching every group of muscles in the body.......and I'm feeling the soreness today ladies and gentlemen, oh yes! I now go to 2 gym's, the posh and expensive one for the fitness classes, pool, sauna & steam room, and the free gym at the company I work for, for actual weightlifting type stuff.

Not been up to much, not worked on any of my music, not had any band practice sessions as our drummer as injured his foot and did not go to the football match as it was an away game, though I will be going to watch the tigers away in Scunthorpe on 22nd, anyway that's all for now!


M said...

Dude, you so have to go back to that fitness class!!

I am a woman, I know. You may feel awkward in the class, but there will probably at least one chick who thinks it is so cool that you are going to class. The women will *not* notice your awkwardness..they will be too worried about their own awkwardness!~

Johnny Jazz said...

Kev, have a look at the Fuji S8000 fd before you get thee sen a 'proper' digicam?

Johnny Jazz said...
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