Thursday, November 22, 2007


Ive done it! Just ordered my new camera as pictured, now I've just got to wait for the thing to arrive, oooooooh, I'm gonna be hard up this month, but I'll be poor and able to take pictures with a nice camera.

I'm very very tired today, I was practicing with the band till about 11:30 last night and because I knew I would be tired at the rehearsal, I drank a high caffeine energy drink and subsequently I could not get to sleep till around 12:30.......I was up at 5:00!!!

Bed now for an hour, then Body Balance fitness class tonight at the gym!

Oh and we chose our meals for our departments Christmas dinner......16oz T-bone steak for me, and best of all, it'll cost me nothing.....same for the drinks too! So I cant wait for 20th December!


M said...

cool beans (-:

Nessa said...

Nice camera. Your pictures will be even better. Can't wait.

gincoleaves said...

Don't worry Kevin, you will be skint for only a month, but you'll take super pictures for much longer
That's exactly what I'm hoping to get from dear ol' Santa :-)

Those no charge T-bone steaks will taste extra juicy. LOL!!