Friday, November 16, 2007

I aint that good a singer for starters!

The picture is of my dog Mia asleep on my bed.

Band rehearsal was canceled last night due to some unfortunate circumstances surrounding a relative of our singer Dave, but Dave and I are going to have an acoustic practice round his house either Monday or Tuesday to work on my backing vocals, there are 2 reasons for this a) I aint that good a singer for starters and b) it's hard to hear if your own voice is in tune, over the crashing and distorted sounds of drums and electric guitars whilst practicing with the band.....but I still put my self on the firing line by attempting to sing anyway hahaha! It's not uncommon in rock music to be able to sing great anyways....most people just get away with shouting in punk music!

I was going to meet up with my new female friend tomorrow night at The Adelphi to watch my friend and co-worker Dean's band 'The Strands' but Dean left work today feeling ill, this included a sore throat and headache, so it's not looking promising for the gig to happen.....which is a shame because it would have been the first time I have met her in person since our first meeting a couple of weeks ago which was very brief indeed, and it was my chance to shine as a person and show her what I'm all about, but there'll be another time to meet up I'm sure! It would have been such a good opportunity as well, we were both going on our own!!!!

My younger sister is off on holiday to Canada tomorrow, Toronto I think....she's been quite lucky to meet a guy that's paid for her to go to Venice, Holland and now Canada this year, with a possible visit to Russia early next year! There's so many places in the world I would love to visit and I haven't even left little old England in the 29 years I have been on this earth. I would love to tour the US and Canada and also Japan, Hong Kong, the list is endless! I have not even seen a lot of the UK or London for that matter!

I'll get going now and walk the dogs around the marina.......oh yeah, I cant stop listening to Sigur Ros this week! I'll have to buy their DVD I think.


Louisiana said...

i hope you and Mia had a good walk. who walked who? ;p

nice to hear your sis is on vacation again. i'm glad she has someone who spoils her but i hope it's two ways and not like what happened to me.

sorry about the band rehearsal but don't worry, there will be many more to come till you can't find more time. hope all is ok for Dave.

i hope Dean is on the mend already. i know you are dissapointed for you feel your opportunity to win your new friend is lost but hon, take it from me, you don't need to prove anything to anyone. if she can't tell yet how fab you are than it's her lost.

don't worry and don't stress,the person that you belong with will see you for all the good you have in you.

believe in you.

and now, i'll post this comment and i will read this out loud to myself ;)

have a great wknd.

Nessa said...

Everything louisiana said; D