Friday, November 09, 2007

Too bold, too soon!

The above photo shows my 2 Rats 'Jazzy Jeff' and 'The Fresh Prince' as they awake from a doze in their hammock!

Popped along to the gym again last night, for the fitness class, not nearly as sore as last time, in fact I did notice I was just that little bit more stretchy, compared to the first's good though, most enjoyable!

I was worried I had made an arse out of myself on the sesh gig on tuesday night, I saw a girl and introduced myself and after a bit of chat, I walked away.....the next day I popped onto Myspace to leave a "well done" message on the bands page, I noticed she had left a message and that she was online, so I sent here a "hello, remember me" message...after an hour or so of sending messages back and forth, I thought I would cut to the chase and told her I thought she was "a bit of alright" and asked if she wanted to meet up for a drink....she kind of fobbed me off and I was left with the impression that I had been a bit too bold, a bit too soon, and had generally put her off, anyway......the last 2 days she has been instigating conversations with me via MSN, so she may have a slight interest in future relations after all! Though she could just be thinking she's found another myspace/MSN friend. We'll see! Either way, I no longer feel I made an arse of myself!


Louisiana said...

i can't believe you have rats for for pets. i am so afraid of mice and anything that look like kids disagree of course and are always ready to 'teach' me, lol..

they look like they have a great comfortable home. that is very nice of you. i hope they never go loose on you..

congrats on the girl. of course you wouldn't made anything but a great impression. any girl be just lucky to have your interest silly. she is just playing it cool i bet..don't worry, you are a super catch and i betcha she is all 'girly giggles chattting away with her girl friends about you'..

have a great wknd and don't fear, you will have to fight her off, lol..


M said...

I used to be phobically afraid of rats but when I adopted my first cat, for some reason I felt more affection for all animals. When I see your rats in their hammock I think "how sweet!"

Ah...romance...'s sooo freaking confusing. Just be yourself and hopefully this girl will see what an interesting guy you are. Good luck!

Johnny Jazz said...

Kev, you are a daft bugger sometimes. My advice is to focus a bit on what you want, use your experience as a guide and go for it. You do seem to get very distracted, lose interest in whatever you're doing and then move on to a different 'project'. Go for it old friend.

Nessa said...

Your rats have a very cool lounge.

Sounds like you did ok with the girl. She hasn't told you to leave her alone, so that's good.