Thursday, November 15, 2007

We have a name!

So I have booked my last 8 holiday days off at work starting in the last week of November....cant wait for that! Don't know what I'll spend my time doing but who cares, I wont be doing it at work!

The girl I mentioned in the last post has become a nice new friend we talk sometimes for hours on MSN messenger having a laugh, we don't seem to discuss anything in particular and yet we talk about everything, if that makes sense, but I like her and even though she's not interested in romantic relations with me, I'm glad I have found a new friend, she's a good one to have! Probably because we are both a little bit mad!

We finally decided on a name for our band, we are now called 'The Strangelets' and I am currently in the process of booking our first gig for (hopefully) sometime in January. I am itching to get back on stage, I really have missed the adrenalin rush of playing live...I really do feel as though we have been practicing way to long (albeit with some hinderances and set backs) and I am of the opinion that no matter how much you practice in a room with no onlooking eyes, you really have to play in front of a crowd to get tight and learn the performance part which is probably the most important aspect. We are now also a 3 piece with Dave singing/guitar, me playing bass/backing vocals and Garry on the drums. Nick who was playing lead guitar has had to take a hiatus from our band due to time constraints/commitments with his other band 'The Strands' who he joined first and are in the ascendancy as far as the local music scene goes! I am actually pleased about this as Nick also can be a bit of a hinderance in terms of learning/creating new songs.


Louisiana said...

well, pack your bags and come to Calgary.i promise to take out and show you evething and we will have a blast. we have nature and tons of comedy and great pubs and there is the resort and then there is.....etc, etc...etc...i tell you come on by anytime.

sorry about the girl. congrats on the new friendship though. sometimes, actually, most of the time, those are harder to find then anything romantic and the real good friendships are every bit worth.

congrats on the name. i feel like you guys just gave birth and it must be starting to feel like that a bit i'm sure.
the gig will be a great success and i'm excited for you guys.

remember to post some clips for us to hear.

congrats in the new opportunity of the band. if something or someone is negative and not allowing growth, it is better they are gone.


Nessa said...

New friends are always a good thing. Good luck with your bookings.