Saturday, November 24, 2007

Scunthorpe United 1 Hull City 2

A veiw of the south bank whilst crossing the Humber bridge.

A veiw of the north bank whilst crossing the Humber bridge (Hull in the distance)

'The Iron' at Glanford Park

'The Tigers' training at Glanford Park prior to 'kick off'

Im nicely warm again now after a bitterly cold and windy and rainy, miserable afternoon in Scunthorpe. I went to watch Hull City away and even though I was well wrapped up, I managed to leave my gloves on the coach and ended up losing the feeling in 2 fingers on each hand, and all my toes!

I say it was a miserable afternoon, but we won the game and that more then made up for my painful fingers and toes, even though it was not a particularly good game of football. Hull City are now into the good part of the league table.....the bit near the top! Still, we are only half way through the season, theres a long way to go yet!.....up the tigers!

I had my mobile with me and took some pictures whilst crossing the Humber bridge and when we were in the ground (Glanford Park) itself!

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