Sunday, November 09, 2008

Better then life!

Whilst my dad had the electrics turned off earlier for some DIY, I thought I would take a walk and try and capture a few images in order to curb the boredom, seeing as I could not continue playing Fallout 3 on my XBox 360!

I took a walk into the old town and then onto the marina, I saw these derelict buildings in the old fruit market area and thought to myself they would look cool after a bit of "colour popping" in Photoshop!

Speaking of Fallout 3, it has taken over my life this past week to the point that I am glad I couldn't play it yesterday due to working on the Saturday morning and being at football in the afternoon and then with the electric being off today. I had been putting in so many hours in the post apocalyptic wastelands of Washington DC that it was giving me a headache! As my friend Dean kept saying to me "Kev, you should choose life" to which I replied "XBox and Fallout 3 is better then life." Since then he has bought Fallout 3 and has become obsessed with it also!

Just one last it right to burst out laughing when you witness your dad get an electric shock and scream like a girl?

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Bob said...

I think it is not only right, but, entirely normal to piss yourself laughing when your dad gets electrocuted.

However, I must say that no game is better than life itself. Think about it.

All options and possibilties are open. Depending on your starting point (Wealth, Parental wealth and status, Country of Birth etc) you start at predetermined level of difficulty.

It is up to you to choose the terms of completion of this game of life, but complete it you can.

For instance, suppose your definition of game completion is that you becomea hugely wealthy and successful buisiness man. This is achievable but there are many different levels to complete. With your background and parental status (which is somewhat compareable to my own) I would say you probably start on level 3 (of 100). Dean would start on level 84 (of 100) but thats another matter.

Completion is difficult but achievable.

The question is :- Do you want to play the game?

Real life is far more interesting and playable than any computer game........