Monday, November 17, 2008

I saw the light, whilst rocking out with guitar hero!

At first it seemed as though my weekend was going to be a bit rubbish, but in the end it proved to be a good one!
After spending Saturday morning helping my dad to mount his new plasma TV onto the living room wall (boring) I decided to get ready to go out and see 'The Strands' at 'The Welly' nightclub. I was due to meet a couple of friends at around 7:30 in the town center, however, when I went to put a top in the washing machine, I found to my displeasure, my sister was washing ALL her nursing uniforms and the machine was going to be blocked from use for some time. I just managed to get my top washed and dried for about 9:30!
I had already booked a taxi for 9:45 (after missing my earlier deadline) to take me to the welly where i planned to meet up with the guys and watch the band!
I was the first one in the nightclub except one lone girl playing 'Guitar Hero' in a corner and thought to myself where is everyone, the place is going to be very quiet! I wondered around until I finally bumped into John, the drummer with the strands, he said the band was in a back room and led me through a fire door and down a short narrow corridor which led into a grubby "bands only" area which was badly lit and covered in the graffiti of a thousand previous bands with a number of tatty old sofa's and chairs and a beer filled fridge in the corner!
It was a strange sensation being the first person into a nightclub (guitar hero girl not included) and being stone cold sober!
After I finished the bottle of beer that the band gave me I wondered back into the nightclub and found a few people had turned up, some of which I knew, after talking for a bit the club started to fill at this point we eyed the Guitar Hero game in the corner which the girl had vacated and I was instantly suckered into a guitar "rock off" with various people. Then my friends turned up who I was supposed to meet up with earlier (all very merry as they were 2.5 hours ahead of me in beer consumption) they joined the mock guitar fest, where we almost missed the strands starting their first song, as we were so caught up in our own little world in the corner!
The strands played a great set full of energy, then we partied and laughed afterwards reaching midnight when my friend Mark turned 23 and we partied some more! So it turned out to be one of the best nights out I have had in ages!

I woke up Sunday to the sound of my dads electric sander screaming in my ears which is not a good thing with a sore head! I got up and later we went to the football where Hull City had a 2-2 draw with Manchester City, and it was a very good game!
We came home and watched it on my dads TV and then I retired to my room and ended up watching 'I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!' another shit reality TV show full of people I have'nt heard of, except Robert Kilroy Silk (dickhead) and George Takai (legend) I think I will watch the next episode though purely for Sulu's quirky, funny as hell accent!

I also rang up Orange to find out why my mobile wasn't working and found out my contract had ended and I was due an upgrade, due to the "credit crunch" and "customer loyalty" (blah blah bullshit blah blah) I had my bill reduced from £25 to £18 a month with more free minutes etc. and a nice new phone to boot!

I will be buying 'Guitar Hero World Tour' this coming Friday! Why buy a computer game with a guitar shaped controller when you have a real guitar, you may ask! (as I did to others) Well all I can say is you need to play it to see the light!


Bob said...

I am an original guitar hero


hacksaw jim duggen said...

I think you will find that you should check again, the spelling of centre.