Friday, November 28, 2008

Monitor speakers

After selling my PA system to my friend Dean, I now have the cash to buy some decent powered monitor speakers for my PC, so I can start making music again! So I have just ordered these lovely Yamaha HS-50M's online.
I still need a little mixing desk and them I am set to go again! With proper monitor speakers I'll be able to EQ my tracks to a slightly better standard then before! Now I am exited, but my brain is muddled due to the clutter in the room, which will probably prevent me starting straight away, when they arrive!
A friend of mine has recently bought some of these which I have listened to and I feel they will be very adequate for my intended use!


(M)ary said...

oh. i don't understand electronics but have at it!

Kev Brown said...


Fendertele said...

I've had a couple of replies.

One was predictable. The other was a bit unexpected.