Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Toilet humour

Yesterday was a very funny day at work! It seems that a few days ago, someone left a blockage in the toilet, in the male changing rooms at work! The toilet then "backed up" and spilled excrement over the floor.
Luckily I don't have to use this toilet or changing room, I'm in a different one!
Trying to enter the changing room was like hitting an invisible brick wall as I rebounded and retreated in horror after not being informed of the nasty situation!
So yesterday a man (who bizzarely seemed genuinely happy in his job) turned up to"rod out" the shit deamon which had set up camp in the changing room, this caused the smell to get worse and by the end of the day everyone was blaming everyone for the crime as the smell wafted through to the canteen next door!
However, there are three notorious suspects who regularly try to break records in that toilet, so I felt compelled to create this little poster which I attached to the door of the changing room of horrors!
I think it raised morale as everyone chuckled to themselves today, including the three people mentioned on the poster, which is a good thing because it could have been seen as harassment!


Bob said...

I always said your place of work was a shithole

JJ said...

I always thought the FCP lot were a bit anal.