Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Song ideas and political debates

Another image I captured a few weeks ago whilst on walkabout!

I have my driving theory and hazard perception test booked for December 15th, once I pass these my instructor can book me in for my practical driving test!!!

Ideas are gathering in my mind for the 4th 'Legend of Sid' album! My one man alternative/ comedy/surrealist/piss-taking/totally un-serious virtual band (of which I have so far, only recorded one song towards, called 'Buxom Wench') I just need to get some monitor speakers and get my music recording studio (parents dining room) cleared of all my dads DIY stuff, a large stack of hard wood flooring and boxes of underlay, rolls of wallpaper, tubs of plaster that sort of thing! But it may be a number of weeks before that happens, and I finally get the required space to work and record!

I have been spending my time at work over this last couple of days discussing my friends articles from his blog with colleages, scribbling down notes and gathering ideas to form responses, which try and stimulate him into a debate! His blog is very much on the political side, which is something I think he may aspire to become more involved in, in the future, so I feel that debating his points of view will be essential practice for the real thing, should he ever get involved in politics on a real level! Maybe by standing as an independent in the next local elections, or joining one of the larger political parties! It's a shame that most of the independent candidates are overlooked during elections as many have good ideas, but most people bypass them and go straight to the usual tory, Labour and Lib Dem sections to place their cross! I must admit I have been guilty of that!

Weather is cold, wet and generally rubbish so i am getting lots of computer gaming time in, but dispite the dismal view outside I remain generally in high spirits, I have not read a book in ages, the last ones I read were 'England: History of a nation' and a no holds barred behind the scenes look at life with Led Zeppelin back in the good old days by their road manager. I have a Ronnie Wood autobiography to read and 'Cash' by Johnny Cash, a book on great battles a book on tyrants, plus Sun Tzu's 'The Art of War' and a few others so I'll have to start reading one of those maybe!


Bob said...

Some excellent points Kev. No doubt the kind of things people would shoot me down with if I told them about my thoughts.

Im still drafting the video theme. A lot of usable stuff will no doubt come out of your constructive critisism.

Kev Brown said...


(M)ary said...

i used to love bios of rock groups and stars but not so much any longer. robert plant and jimmy page were bad, bad boys back in the day (-;