Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pat's Magical Mumbo Gumbo

After being so proud of Alex and me for creating a belly pork dish (Pork Belly is one of Pat's favorite things) He decided to treat us to one of his recipe's, this time a Gumbo containing guessed it, pork! Which he served to us on jacket potatoes! It was really very nice and we named it 'Pat's Magical Mumbo Gumbo' there's me showing off my dinner with Pat over my shoulder and Alex to the side with Mark also sat at the table! Man that was some good Gumbo! Maybe we can talk him into making a Jambalaya or some Jerk Chicken next week!


Bob said...

Whats with the fuckin oversizedlab coats??? You all been ill lately???

Whos that queer looking cunt on the right of the pic???

So many questions,so litle time.

Reckitts sux hahahahahahahahhahahahah

(M)ary said...

Oh that looks yummy! Cool picture of you guys at work. Hope you didn't spill any of the food on your nice white jackets.