Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Amusing appeal

Thoroughly enjoyed watching Commando yesterday afternoon, I had not seen it for a few years! I also have a couple of Russian movies to watch when I get chance, what I have borrowed off a friend at work who is obsessed with everything Russian, don't ask me why.....although some of those Russian ladies are very attractive! I cannot pronounce the names of the movies because they are in Russian hahaha.

I was back at work today after my extended weekend, not a bad day at work, I don't mind my job, I have it pretty easy really it's just slightly boring at times and slightly too labor intensive at other times. It did throw me though, starting on the Tuesday and not the Monday.

I saw a highly amusing bit on the news yesterday, upon finding that a bad/deadly/lethal batch of Heroin is out on the streets, a police chief has appealed to drug dealers not to supply the heroin and to heroin users not to take it, I don't think this chief lives in the real world do you!

It's funny that Bazza commented "the interior of the Cavern looked more like a bistro then a rock venue" because it did have a continental feel to it during the day time, although the numerous tourists (Japanese, German, to name a few that I saw/heard) did detract a little from this feeling, I don't recall them serving food though, but there were many places round and about that did. It did start to feel like a live music venue as time meandered into the evening and groups/artist began to do their stuff.

Speaking about groups doing their stuff.....I have a band practice on Thursday evening 7-11pm at the practice room, I'll need to bring my 4-track recorder so we can make some recordings.....not for other people to listen to, but for self improvement!

Tomorrow I may well pop down to Lamp (pictured) to watch The Strands again and also to observe what the Wednesday evening of live bands called 'Sidekicks Lounge' is like, as the Sidekicks Lounge will probably be the night were I play the first gig with my band(although we are a few weeks off that yet) so it should be interesting. But I may choose to stay in and watch England play Russia (Football) on the TV.


Anonymous said...

Im willing to bet that after you've had a few "Wife beaters" (Stella) you'll be staying in to watch the football!

Rob D

bazza27 said...

Yeah, I went for the footy too.