Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What! No Beer Fest?

I have just got back from watching 'The Strands' playing live at 'Lamp', a good gig, I tried to take a photo but my mobile does not have a good enough flash/lens etc. to get a good pic in a darkened room! I left immediately after they played their last song as I will be getting up at 5am for work.

Another reasonable day at work on the chemical plant, when I arrived home at about 3:00pm, I planned to record a new song using my trusty 4-Track recorder(pictured). I have had a few ideas running through my mind over the last day or so, but when I got home I ended up sleeping for an hour or so!
I am becoming increasingly worried that this years 'Hull Beer Festival' will not be going ahead, I have checked the website to see if they have procured a venue because the usual venue (Hull City Hall) is not available. However, I am tempted to get a ticket for this years Nelsonica convention, which promises to be a real treat for guitar based music me. It could coincide with the beer fest!

Things to do this week.....send off my 2 'Legend of Sid' CD's which I have spent the last two months recording, to BBC Radio Humberside's Raw Talent show, and see what they think/if it gets played.

Anyway, I'm tired and need to go to sleep!

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