Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Beverley Races

I am feeling a bit tender today! Yesterday around 200 employees and I, were at the Beverley Races, courtesy of the company.
After working in the morning we left work via coach at 12:00 and arrived at the racetrack (Horse racing) just before 13:00. We were then seated in a big marquee in the center paddock.
We had lunch whilst enjoying the sounds of the small jazz band and then proceeded to mingle amongst ourselves and place a few bets, the bar was £1.00 a pint/bottle/spirit with the pound going to the company's chosen charity, so as you can imagine, people got a little bit drunk! Not yours truly of course......well maybe a little bit, I do seem to remember making advances to a new girl that has started working in the Microbiology department!
I did not place one successful bet, but I didn't think I would, I'm not much of a gambler, so I was not too disheartened.
At 5:30 we departed the track where I enjoyed a pleasant, if slightly rowdy coach ride home, were I learned from a drunken French man I was sat next to, to insult my fellow co-workers in French! But it was all in good spirit.
Upon getting back into the town center, I left the company of some colleagues who (already very drunk, one of them was my boss!) were heading to another pub, and later to nightclubs and wot not. I thought this would be a bad idea because I would be at work for 6:00am and handling cyanide as well, so I went home.

When I arrived at work this morning, the person I was partnered with, rang in sick, leaving me with a lot of work to do, which is not a good thing when you have had a lot of beer the afternoon before. Needless to say, my boss did not look to healthy/happy.

I did not manage to take any pictures, but some may appear on the 'Adventures in a Yorkshire landscape' blog, on my links, because I did notice Johnny Jazz wandering about with his camera, I hope he did not get any photo's of me!

After leaving work I came home and rested my head for an hour, I was then woken by a delivery man, he was delivering some prizes that my brother won, by entering a competition on a coca-cola bottle, these were a 32" Plasma TV, a Nintendo Wii, and a coca-cola fridge with a few crates of soft drinks to put in it........the lucky b@#%rd, I'm not jealous at all lol!

Tonight I will be going to the football to watch my humble team Hull City AFC play Chelsea (giants of English and European football) in a cup game, a bit of a glamorous occasion by Hull's standards, so I have drank a high caffeine energy drink to wake me up a bit, and get me in the mood. I'll now get ready for the football and will be staying away from alcohol for the next few days. I will catch up with all your blogs tomorrow!

The picture is of Drypool bridge, which crosses the river Hull, in Hull.


Johnny Jazz said...

Kev, pimped ya!!!!!!!

bazza27 said...

Sounds like a good day out, shame about the footie result though.

Nessa said...

Great day.

Kev Brown said...

It was a good day! John, I cant believe you put that picture of me on your blog, although, Dean in the background with a mouthful of cheese is quite amusing! It was a shame about the footy result but was very entertaining anyway, seeing some quality football played by both sides and some class Chelsea players also.