Thursday, September 20, 2007

Dog Tired

Today I am extremely tired! I awoke at about 3am to find that all 3 of my dogs (Rottweilers) had opened my bedroom door and invited themselves to sleep on my bed! I was just too tired to try and push them off, so I just tried to find some space for my legs and tried to get back to sleep, for as much sleep as possible, before my alarm went off at 5am. Unfortunately I lay in such an uncomfortably contorted position that I could not get back to sleep, hence why I'm tired now.

Yesterday was a bit tediously annoying. Upon leaving work, I walked the 2 miles home to realise I had promised to pick up my brother and father's ticket for the away 'Hull City AFC' football match on Saturday. So I then walked the mile to the KC Stadium to collect the tickets, as I was half way home I realised I had nothing for my lunch at work for the next couple of days, so I turned around and walked all the way to the supermarket (about another 1.5 miles) where I did my shopping and went to the checkout. I noticed when I looked out the window, whilst standing in line, that it was now pouring down with rain outside. I then walked home (1 mile) in the pouring rain with no coat and 2 bags of shopping in each hand, not only that, but my Jeans became so laden with wetness, that they were starting to slip down and get caught under the heel of my shoes, causing them to pull down even further. I managed to get home without my jeans around my ankles to find one of the dogs had been sick all over the kitchen floor and had also pissed in several places.

Tonights band practice has been canceled because our drummer Garry had double booked with his other band, so I have a free evening to enjoy!

On the way home I popped through the new St Stephens shopping center which opened today (see previous post) to get something to eat, as I was in the supermarket I thought I would get a bottle of beer to drink with my meal when I get home. I tried a bottle called Brooklyn Lager, brewed in New York, and have to say it tastes fantastic, I would recommend, if you like lager, to try a bottle!

The photograph is just another random shot of a gas tower which was taken while I walked home.


Me said...

Hey. Thanks for stopping by at Fabulously Out There....About your question. I am German and have lived in the US for 10 years, so that's my home. I am currently visiting my parents and Fabulous Dog travels with me to Europe when I go (once per year or so).

Stop by again!


gincoleaves said...

Kevin, it never rains but it pours, so sorry to hear of your mishaps, but thanks for sharing your dilemma. Your funny story had me laughing out real loud! :-)

Nessa / Goldennib said...

You take great pictures.

I wish I could close my door on my dog, so I could get some sleep without his dead weight on me, but then he'd just whimper.

m said...

Your walk home sounds frustrating but also amusing! I have had days like this before too. After I am done being annoyed I usually laugh.