Saturday, September 22, 2007

Can I get a witness...

So I got up at 7:00 in order to get to work at 8:00 on a Saturday of all days....A SATURDAYYYYYY!!!! There was just myself and Dean, singer of the Strands (sounds like mid 90's brit-rock and who was the singer of my very first band, way back in '98) there at work until 11:00.
We left and he said he was going to check out the new 'St Stephens' shopping complex in town center, I needed to go anyway to get some lunch and wot-not, so I hitched a ride with Deano and he told me, he wanted to get a new pair of shoes, so I also tagged along with him to some of the more up-market clothes shops which the development has attracted. After a bit of looking I noticed a really nice shirt (I am one of those guys who will buy a shirt or pair of jeans and make them last for years....I'm not much of a shopper, I don't know how you ladies do it!) anyway, I ended up spending £30 on this shirt (43.5 Euros/60.4 US Dollars) and just to make the point clear, I have never spent more then half that on a shirt! But it just looked so nice!

The reason I decided I really needed a new shirt is because it's the company's, almost annual 'Beverley Races Day' next Tuesday afternoon (that's horse racing) and I needed a new shirt obviously!

Anyway......after we parted ways, I walked home, and just as I had entered my street and had walked about half way up it (30 feet) I heard a big car skidding noise and then a big smashing sound on the road at the end of our street, I thought I would be 'nosey' and see what had happened, so I turned around , walked, and popped my head around the end of the street to see a bus and a car with a crushed front end. The bus was half way through a narrowed point where the oncoming traffic had to give way, which was also situated on a long corner, walking away from the crash was a woman aged about 20, and running up to her was a man of "middle eastern appearance" who then said something to her and pointed to an alleyway.
The middle eastern man (enraged) then turned back and ran to his car and prised open the door to retrieve some mail (evidently mail that had his name and address on the front) when he got his mail and various other bits and pieces, he slammed the door shut and shouted " I hate this fucking country" and spat a number of times on to the road, he then walked past me, away from the scene of the accident and into a block of flats, just down the street.
During this time the bus driver was on the phone to whoever (either, his department or the police, or both) and then about 3 minutes later the police arrived!
The bus driver then told the policeman what happened ( the driver said that he was going through the narrowed point where he had right of way [which he did] when the middle eastern man came at speed around the corner, he swerved and hit the curb, this then caused him to swerve back into the bus, where he was then bounced back about 20 feet onto the grass verge, by the force of hitting the bus.
The policeman inspected the wreckage of the car driven by the middle eastern man, which he commented "smells very strongly of Vodka" I smelt this as he opened the door too! He also found a letter with a name and address in the flats where the man had walked off to, and a ominous bunch of keys, which were later found to be the "middle eastern" man's front door keys.
Another of the policemen went to the address displayed on the envelope and found said "middle eastern" man, who was then arrested and taken away for questioning after leaving the scene of a road accident. Upon walking past the alleyway mentioned earlier, I found an empty bottle of Vodka! The policeman (after talking to the bus driver) said he may need to get a statement from me, it's now 23:00 and no one has called, so I think it must have been sorted out...ha! Let's not forget the witnesses who were on the bus and also the other people who happened to be walking down the street at the time, who also gave the police their names and addresses! I don't think this guy will have a leg to stand on.

I do have another court appearance on 16th October to attend, as a witness, but I'll talk about that another time, I'm tired and need to sleep!

The photo is just another random one!


Anonymous said...

Send the bastards back
Insurance? No fucking chance


Anonymous said...

Beer fest??


Nessa said...

You need to stop witnessing; D

m said...

new shirt: cool beans!

witnessing an accident: well, that makes the day interesting, doesn't it?

Kev Brown said...

Rob, I keep checking the beer fest website, but there has not been a venue sorted out yet, I'll let you know if there is any progress!