Friday, September 21, 2007

No rest for the wicked

This picture shows the old (now closed down) 'Tower nightclub' in Hull, a sleazy, cesspit of a place....but it does have an interesting and attractive facade I think! I also think it should be given a bit of renovation and turned into a nice live music venue!

Not got much to say today really, got up and went to work. I had to do the work of 2 people today because my work partner has gone on holiday to his house in Spain.....OK for some lol. Because of this, I ended up finishing at 15:00 instead of 13:00.....on a Friday of all days, and I'm at work tomorrow as well!!! No rest for the wicked as my religious colleague Phil would probably say......

Other notable mention....I discovered a fantastic tasting Lager, yesterday evening, from the USA no less! It's called Brooklyn Lager, it's breathtaking I suggest you try it! Oh, I already mentioned it in the last post, oh well!

I am now going to go and watch an unplugged Led Zeppelin....well actually a 'Page and Plant' DVD I have not seen before, it's called 'No Quarter' so will catch up with y'all tomorrow.


Nessa / Goldennib said...

That building would make a great theater.

I'm going to look up that lager and see if we get it here.

gincoleaves said...

After all the "overtime" you've done for the Comany Kevin, you should let your hair down with the boyz from AC/DC - they'll get you into the week-end spirit again, or what's left of it. LOL!