Sunday, September 23, 2007

Lazy day

Having a lazy day today, apart from going to the shops this morning to get some food in (the above picture shows the back entrance to St Stephens shopping mall with my brother walking towards me, carrying his shopping) I have done nothing much, although I did look at a couple of movie trailers on the internet. One for Aliens Vs Predator 2 (I am a self confessed sci-fi geek, apologies) and another for The Golden Compass, an adaption of the first book in Phillip Pullmans Dark Materials trilogy, both films look very promising and I look forward to seeing them!
I am actually going to start reading the Dark Materials trilogy again today, as I really enjoyed them the first time around! And whilst I'm on the subject of books, I would recommend reading Trudi Canavans Dark Magician trilogy, if you like fantasy books with witches and wizards and all that jazz. I read them about a year ago, they are fantastic!


Nessa said...

The Golden Compass looks great. I just read that book about 6 months ago. I better hurry and read the others before I see the movie. I'll check out the other you mentioned.

Nessa said...

Kev: You should check out NaNoWriMo. I was able to write over 50,000 words last November on a novel I threw together at the last minute. Granted it’s a mess, but bits are ok. And I proved to myself that I could do it.

M said...

I haven't finished the Dark Materials triology yet but I love the books I have read so far.