Saturday, August 19, 2006

Another bad result for The Tigers......

Bah!!! I don't want to bore evryone with sports but........four games into the season and Hull City have managed 3 losses and just 20 minutes ago they managed a goal-less draw against Ipswich Town, all in all a poor start to the season points wise, at least I can take some optimism from ther half decent performances on the pitch. However, we need to start converting these performances into wins if wer'e going to finish anywhere reasonable in the Championship this season, oh well, there's always the next game.
I didn't go to this away game, I listened to it on the radio, but my dad and my brother did travel the couple of hundred miles to see it, so they'll probably be miserable when they get home tonight.

I achieved the above picture by taking a photo of my Hull City beer glass and adding a filter to it on Photoshop. I really like the patters in the glass which are created when using these kinds of filters.


bazza27 said...

Let's try and be optimistic here, after all yesterdays point resulted in climbing 2 places up the table. Things could be worse, you could support Blunderland. Realistically I think we will finish higher than last season, but not by much.

Johnny Jazz said...

Let's face it, Hull City are shite. Unless you're willing to pay £200 a ticket so's the management can afford to buy some top flight players they won't get much further up the league.

All things considered I think they're doing guite well.