Saturday, August 19, 2006

Blogs for Dogs

Pregnant Mia looking worse for wear



Mia (not pregnant)

Mia & Vince Go To The Park


Here are some images of our dogs as requested by Gincoleaves and Chana, puppy pictures will follow when she's had em! Vince apears in some of the pics however he passed away about 3 months ago and we got Duke so Mia didn't get lonely, it didn't take long for them to make friends, hence why Mia is pregnent.


Chana said...

hhhmmm, i'm thinking she wasn't lonely long...there is a joke in there but i just can't dare, lol...

sorry Vince passed away.

thank you for all the pics. when my daughter wakes up, i'll have to show them to her. i can hear her say, ahhhhh, they are gorgeous!!

they actually are. their coat is so shiny. you are a good dad!

poor pregnant Mia, she looks like she just had enough. relief comes soon girl!

i love the picture that you did something looks almost like a painting.

hope you are staying up really late and playing your heart out and enjoying this morning sleeping in.

and thanks for the pics. all i have to do is asked and i get hmmm? lol..he, he...

gincoleaves said...

I think Duke is such a handsome
hunk, (I adore dogs) Thank you for sharing those beautiful
pictures with us Kevin!!!

Kevin G Brown said...

It's a pleasure!