Thursday, August 17, 2006

Patterns from the head of a torch

I'm feeling much better today after realising yesterday I had a bit of a virus and that was why I felt so crook over the last week. Unfortunatly I passed my germs onto my French colleague and she got sent home from work today, just tomorrow morning to go and then ten days of freedom from work for me.
The above picture was acheived when I was messing around the other night, I pointed a torch directly at my phone and captured an image, with a little cropping, duplicating, rotating and stitching I found the above image, which is pretty cool.


gincoleaves said...

The way you passed that firus onto your work mate reminds me of that old song - couple yrs old -
Pass the Dutchie on the left hand side, haahaaha! You just passed it on (snigger)
Kevin, that pic looks like the close up of a bumble bee, yet again, almost alien, unusual,

My World said...

Excellent... I enjoy your approach
to a picture....
we seem to have that same idea..

Kevin, I added a few more... one of them. is a yellow Dinosaur

Enjoy... lol....

My World... :)