Monday, August 07, 2006


Here's some pics taken by a friend last year whilst at salsa one evening. The top one is me dancing with a girl, the other shows the room in full swing, apologies for the quality of the photo's but they were taken using his phone and technology has moved on since then.
As soon as I get my scooter back on the road I'll be going back, it's a good social evening....rock on!


gincoleaves said...

No time to lose Kevin! Get those
wheels rolling back to the Salsa
class - that looks like a load
of fun!
I,ll be lurking for more pics!!

Dr.John said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog. I don't even know what salsa edancing is so I have trouble commenting on this entry. The pictures aren't that bad. Mine usually turn out worse if there is movement.

Chana said...

i have never danced salsa, even though i'm spanish...shake your head with me

it's fun and sexy and a great way to exercise...but i'm so shy..

looks like a great fun..

Chana said...

ps...i had lost your it's bookmarked in my it won't be long before i come visit you again..

i left you messages in all your post that i missed..i think..i hope..

you have a great eye for pictures, my bf loves to take them too..

Katt said...

Oh my word! You can salsa! Please come and teach me. I am dying to learn!