Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Girl Power!

As promised, here are the new arrivals! We are currently standing at 7 girls and 2 boys, but we think there will be more. Mia is proving to be a natural mother, doing all her duties without a single cry of pain/discomfort. It all started at 6:40pm and here she is at am at 11:00pm, possibly still going. We are so proud of her, I think Duke knows what is happening, he is positioned at the baby gate we have borrowed and errected looking very pleased and exited. In the end she opted for bare floor boards then the nice quilted dog bed, but there you go!!!


Johnny Jazz said...

Kev, excellent shots and I have to say this but what do you do with 9+ rotty pups. They're a helluva handful.

Kevin G Brown said...

Well luckily they just coincided with tomorrows big BBQ which I am hosting in celebration of all good mothers out there, so it's puppy rotty BBQ Sticks...wholesome chunks of sizzling flesh served up full of flavour, and at only £1:99 a pop who can go wrong!!! Nah, we'll probably sell em and keep one as a momento....or something like that.

Kevin G Brown said...

And it looks like we are staying at 9.

The Tart said...

Oh they are beautiful. Please pet the new mom on the head for me & take good care of the new pups.

Sweet kisses to all,
The Tart

Ps. Keep the pics coming as they grow!