Sunday, August 20, 2006

We don't like this guy, he can usually be seen doing two things, either sitting in a meeting or kissing a superiors άrsε. He's a complete moron, so much so, he even dared to name his son Rupert (the poor little bugger). He is often seen walking around the factory with his clipboard delegating his minor tasks to people on the factory floor.

Shovel Paws
This guy has huge hands, no sh!t, his mitts are huge. Every "run of the mill" task is vertually impossible for this guy from typing, answering the phone and knocking on doors, to fixing a plug, cooking and buying a pair of gloves. What he wants most in this world is to hold someone, but the last three times he tried that he was convicted of manslaughter, tragic really. Nobody actually knows what his role is within the company, but he is occasional seen loading 1 Ton pallets onto the back of lorries with his bare hands.
This ones not hard to find, you just have to look for the remains of his slimy trail on the warehouse floor, follow it and sweet bejesus, there he is leaving his mark on the world. Half man, half machine, this cleaner drives around all day keeping standards of cleanliness at their very peak, what a guy.

Here are some characters based on actual people from work, I spent about an hour drawing these on paint for a website which me and some ex colleagues had, as a kind of piss take on our work place. Just for laughs really.


gincoleaves said...

Oh what a good laugh!
It just goes to show every company
any where in the world, have their
very own morons, LOL!!!

Johnny Jazz said...

Kev, most of the people you've mentioned no longer work for the Company. Now, in my area alone we've got the 'chipati thrower', 'Spike Chiligan', 'Tourettes / Smugman' (am I the only to notice the early morning involuntary twitches?)and very soon our very own 'Gospel Gloria'.

Kevin G Brown said...

Great to see so many new characters coming through the doors JJ, that'll be one thing I miss not working over there any more, is the strange collection of people.

Chana said...

1. i just got my answer of the inspiration...
2. you draw amazingly well. good going.
3. i was going to suggest to stay away from Slippery girl..she be nothing but chaos and trouble not worth it but i just read that you don't work there no more...i'm so happy that you don't..mighty interesting crowd...