Sunday, August 20, 2006

Characters At Work

When skinny Sidney arrives at work, the first thing he does is put his knackered Cub-90 into the bike sheds, and then enters the factory hoping that he can get away with doing as little as possible for the rest of the day, and so is the daily cycle of this geezer, also known for such classic phrases as "tough sh!t fella" and shouting f##k off to people.

So named because some of the men in the factory really want to "slip her one", this girl loves to bend over a pallet of stacked boxes and present her rear to any willing passer-by. She works on the packing line and is good friends with her colleages Dolph Chingrun and It's Raining Men Man.

It's Raining Men Man
This guy is so gay it hurts, and the thing is, he does not realise it. Seen wearing an array of brightly coloured tank tops and assorted frilly trousers, opting for side-burns and a hairy chest this is one camp dude. He works on the packing line with Slipper-1, but is prone to dissapearing for weeks at a time, we wonder were he goes.



Chana said...

pretty interesting people out there sometimes...i have met a few of those Slipper types...oh i just wish i could rip their eyeballs out...they annoyed and frustrate me beyond relief..

Kevin G Brown said...

lol....I know what you mean.