Sunday, August 06, 2006

Infatuations and Hard Decisions

Life is not always rosey, sometimes your are forced to make hard decisions. The following is a portion of a letter I wrote to a work colleage last year, he had become infatuated with my younger sister who also worked in the same department, but she left to persue a career in nursing.

After careful consideration and an increasing concern that your actions may start to upset my sister even more so then at presant, and if worst comes to worst, make her paranoid, depressed and concerned for her own safety, I am writing this letter to ask you to cease your efforts to contact my sister. This is her wish as well as mine, as she cannot now trust your intentions.
Although she appreciates all the efforts you made with regards to references for university and also in providing a shoulder to cry on during her troubled times at this company, she has now moved on in her life and her time at this company is a period in her life she would rather forget. Despite her break up with her boyfriend she is happy with her life at the moment.
You should also consider that it is easy for a man in his 40's to say he sees that age is not a problem or a barrier between two people when the aim of his effections/infatuation is a 22 year old girl, but with the roles reversed, it's not so easy for the young attractive girl to fancy a portly, unatractive, middle-aged man.
Imagine if your wife and children found out about your actions (which could be arranged, I have your signed, handwritten love letter for proof) would you not feel ashamed and would they not feel hurt and betrayed. .......................etc, etc.

Luckily he got the message and stopped.


gincoleaves said...

Kevin, it's a proven fact, one
can't trust the intentions of
(some) people.
But your sister is indeed a lucky
girl to have the full support
of her brother.

Chana said...

thank God he stopped..thank God your sister has you and you stepped in to be a great brother...good job friend. how terribly scary..i'm so glad eveything is okay now.

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