Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Hard Drive Blues

Woke up this morning.......I was in a good a call from the hard drive's no good.......etc.

Yep, the hard drive in my laptop has gone to silcon heaven, I need a new one fitted and in total it will cost me £135. Then there's the lost documents, photo's etc and the hassle of re-installing all the software and programs, oh well! The Buddhist in me is saying everything is cool and to keep a smile on my face, and you know what, it don't matter and I still feel chilled. It's a good job I bought an external hard drive and transfered most of my stuff onto it, so it's not hit me too bad. And I should have my computer back tomorrow.

I have been in a good mood since the memory card arrived for my phone yesterday, I can't believe how small it is, but it means my phone can now hold music, so it's a phone, my blogging camera, a radio, and an MP3 player, I love it!

Speaking of photo's the above ones are of the Humber bridge, taken last week whilst off work.


gincoleaves said...

Kevin, I wish I had a little bit
of Buddhist in me, instead I go
up the wall like Spiderman when
my 'puter is a bit ill, let alone
gone to heaven! LOL!

Wow, now you,ll be carrying your
sound system in your pocket - have
loads of fun!!

Johnny Jazz said...

And the moral of this tale is backup to DVD or external hd all your important data. £135 is a lot to shell out, but laptops are cheap to buy, even more expensive to repair.

Chana said...

you realize we had the same problem? hard drives, laptops: yuck! hope you get it going again soon..missed so many of your post, will come back to catch up. hope the time off from work was good and you rested...i hope puppies are doing well...thank you for all the wonderful pictures, i love them.

My World said...

Kevin, the last two photos are great... they remind me of back the beach.

I will not preach... lesson learned.. good luck, my friend...

Oh, by the way.. whats 135 in dollars... lol...

My World... :)

Johnny Jazz said...

Kev, next time you're flush give us a buzz on the old 'dog n' bone' and we'll neck a few jars.

Johnny Jazz said...

I'm impressed wi ya piccies, the minimalism of using a phonecam works for you. I'm worried that cos I've just bought a 'prosumer' camera I might lose my 'edge', but then I am related to 'scary spice', so I should be alright ?

My World said...

Kevin, if and when you can, on Fridays, from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM..
EST.. or my time here in the Northeast.. U.S.A. go on-line and
listen to Wool.FM It's our local
non-profit LP (low power) radio
station.. The show, I would like you to listen to.. is a Funk and
Blues show.. My friend, Jeff Starret is the DJ/Host. I'm Co-chair of the facilites committee.

Let me know when your able to listen... Thanks...

My World... :)