Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Over the years I have seen some bizarre scenes unfold from our living room window. The image above I took around three years ago when Leeds United (our local rivals) came to play my football team Hull City (that's soccer for any Americans out there) for a supposed friendly game.
Unfortunately there is a slight problem in the UK and to some extent Europe, of hooliganism, and it appears these so-called fans from both teams had arranged to have a mass running battle with each other, the meeting place being that pub across the road from my house.
Prior to me actually locating my camera and taking this picture there had been around 70 people fighting on the road, pavements and grass verges, with cars and motorbikes weaving between groups of yobs. Needless to say we were on the phone to the police who arrived within minutes, cornering the away supporters inside the pub. Around half an hour later they were all escorted away. I did have other photo's of the event but they were corrupted a year or two ago. Please don't be conjuring up violent images of life in the UK, it's not that bad really!!!


Katt said...

Okay, so the UK isn't that violent. But I just don't get this soccer (football) hooligan thing. I mean, what is the point of being a soccer hooligan?

gincoleaves said...

I,m convinced the world's gone
stark raving mad!
Violence among ethnic groups
and in sport is a regular
Instead of so much aggression,
why can't people just stay cool?!
Wishful thinking eh!!

bazza27 said...

It's a male thing, but thankfully not something that we are all afflicted with. Those who participate would have you believe it is about comradeship in adversity, when in reality it is about thuggery and cowardice.

Chana said...

there is alot of useless violence all over the world..it's sad really...don't quite wanted to get it i guess..

hope you are well..

blueskiesfade said...

That's quite a scary picture, I walk down the street next to that pub everyday almost.

Greetings fellow Hull person!