Monday, August 28, 2006

My laptop is broken

My laptop has decided to breakdown on me and so I have limited access to the internet until it's fixed, but I have managed to sneak onto my sisters computer to post these photo's.


My World said...

Great shots.. Kevin...the partial
wall is my favorite...

I see your a proud father of a big
litter of pups...

Thank you for the visit..

My World... :)

Johnny Jazz said...

Kev,sorry to hear about your laptop. Hope it isn't suffering a terminal illness.

Anyroad, found this poem with a Nelsonic connection. Bill sampled the first few lines in the Classic track 'Come to me in my dreams',

It's by Thomas Hood:

I Remember, I Remember

I remember, I remember,
The house where I was born,
The little window where the sun
Came peeping in at morn;
He never came a wink too soon,
Nor brought too long a day,
But now, I often wish the night
Had borne my breath away!

I remember, I remember,
The roses, red and white,
The vi'lets, and the lily-cups,
Those flowers made of light!
The lilacs where the robin built,
And where my brother set
The laburnum on his birthday,--
The tree is living yet!

I remember, I remember,
Where I was used to swing,
And thought the air must rush as fresh
To swallows on the wing;
My spirit flew in feathers then,
That is so heavy now,
And summer pools could hardly cool
The fever on my brow!

I remember, I remember,
The fir trees dark and high;
I used to think their slender tops
Were close against the sky:
It was a childish ignorance,
But now 'tis little joy
To know I'm farther off from heav'n
Than when I was a boy.

Hope for the sake of your laptop, it is only dreaming and will shortly awake from it's slumber:)

bazza27 said...

The world needs to see your pictures, hope your laptop gets better soon.

gincoleaves said...

Computers can be such a pain,
breaking down when they shouldn't!
Hope to see you online real soon

The puppies are FABULOUS!!!!
I would have loved to see Duke's
expression, LOL!!

cornish mike said...

pc's are twats with a capital C