Friday, August 18, 2006

Time to chill

Came across this old building which is about to be torn down, it was the old painted sign which caught my attention.

Thats it for 10 days, no more work, I don't actually have anything planned as usual, but not being at work is good enough for me, time to chill, watch movies, watch crappy day time TV, play computer games, get up late, go to bed late, listen to music etc. I'm sure i'll be busy looking after puppy Rottweilers soon, as one of our dogs is due to give birth in 5 days or so. I may go for a wander about the city while i'm off work and look for some interesting images to capture on camera.


gincoleaves said...

I,ve been wating patiently for a
pic of your Rottweiler for so
long now (hint hint) maybe I,ll
get lucky soon, LOL!!
Enjoy your free time, and chill
My husband's 2week leave starts
this afternoon - time to do what-
ever's nice, LOL!

Chana said...

you capture a piece of history before there is no more..

would you take pics of the pups when they are born? pleasseee :) ..they are so darn cute.

have a wonderful time off. enjoy some naps, tv, games and late nights and sleeping in..we look forward to the pics to come..

Kevin G Brown said...

I'll definitely post pics of the pups when they are born.

My World said...

Great Breed of dog... mans best friend..

The picture of the old building, great eye you have Kevin.. This picture could only be done in black and white, it brings out the
character of the old place..

Thank you for the comment on my new addition..

I enjoy visiting your site...

My World..... :)