Sunday, August 20, 2006


Again I have spent a few minutes messing around on photoshop, this time with pictures of my Harmonica. I can't actualy play the thing very well, I can play Camptown Races and that's about it, just a lacking of effort on my part really. Again they are simple manipulations and just a case of adding a filter and letting photoshop do the work for me, but I do like some of the images it churns out.

I spent about an hour playing my acoustic guitar last night, I really need to get back on top of my guitar practice as it really showed last night, after just a couple of minutes my finger tips were very sore! And if I want to start recording tracks to put on Myspace I'll need to apply a little effort. People must be really bored with the 2 tracks I do have on there.


gincoleaves said...

I would love to be able to master
ANY instrument, but I was born
without the musical genes, LOL!
The Harmonica is my husband's
favorite instrument, together with his brother they played together in a band,(some years ago) I have a friend who plays the acoustic guitar, and she always mentioned how difficult it was to learn how to play that instrument. I will play it by ear only - LOL!!

Chana said...

we are gonna have to check out yourspace so hear your tracks.

nice pictures btw..

enjoy the back to guitar time.