Wednesday, August 02, 2006

On Bikes

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a bit of a sucker for motorbikes. I don't actually own a motorbike other then my trusty 'twist and go' scooter, and in reality I may probably go for the practicalities of a car over and above buying a motorbike (not that I can currently afford one) but I can dream. Since my dad bought the above bike a 'Honda Hornet 600' I have been slightly pining for one, especially after I had ridden his on a few car parks. As I am a bit capricious I tend to want one particular bike one minute and a completely different one the next. Such as the classically styled Triumph Bonnerville one day, then a sporty Yamaha R1 the next. I would also like to travel Route 66 on a Harley but there you go!


gincoleaves said...

I,d like to be the proud owner
of that mean machine - Harley
Davidson, ah well, who's dream-
ing now?!!

Kevin G Brown said...

lol :-)