Sunday, August 20, 2006

Nobby No Neck
I think Nobby is the chief of fitters, damn straight, with his rubbery mask like face and the fact that he has litterally no neck, this guy is a legend, I give him a score of 10 out of 10 on these merits alone. Often seen darting through the corridors near our lab at fast speeds due to his low center of gravity, this neckless wonder should run for prime minister, he'd get my vote.

Arsεholε Mouth
This guy's wrinkled pucker actually looks like a genuine άrsεholε. He's getting on a bit in years and I don't actually know what his job is, he might fix machines or something. There's not much else I can say without potentially upsetting people, but his name says it all.

Dolph Chingrun
Poor dozy Dolph, it seems he has lost his way in life. His main priority is to try and keep awake long enough to be useful, he is often seen asleep high atop the factory machinery, were not sure how he gets into these hard to reach places but we think it may be due to his sleep walking.

This guy is the man to go to for factory gossip, always friendly and ever ready for a rant about the state of the company, he's often seen driving the forklift trucks about the warehouse. He loves to hear a joke and loves to tell em, but when it comes to break times he drops everything in a hurry to get to the smoke room.


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Chana said...

do you work with these sort? maybe that is where you got your inspiration..